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Dick Figures Stamp by Xander3000Sailor Moon by black-cat16-stampsPowerpuff Girls Stamp 2 by Pamela-CullenRegular Show Stamp by VentarixThe Angry Beavers Stamp by FelixFan9000Ren N Stimpy Stamp by darkest-lightCalvin and hobbes by simplestampCartoons For Young And Old by ToonfreakA Nightmare Before Christmas by kikikittykatOld School Nick :stamp: by ellstar22Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty: Big Bang Theory Stamp : by Queen-Vegeta69Tiny Toons Stamp by Tiny-Toons-FanAnimaniacs by phantom

Favorite Characters
The Wonderful World of Puss n' Boots (1969)
Pero stamps by DanitheangeldevilThree Blunderers/Cat Assassins Stamp by ChibiEvilCupcake
Dick Figures
..: Lord Tourettes :.. by porcuMoose..: Blue :.. by porcuMoose..: Pink :.. by porcuMoose..: Stacy :.. by porcuMoose..: Red :.. by porcuMoose..: Broseph :.. by porcuMooseDick Figures stamp: Earl Grey by ChibiEvilCupcake..: The Raccoon :.. by porcuMoose..: Jason :.. by porcuMoose..: Mr. Dingleberry :.. by porcuMoose
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Yume Nikki & Fangames
Madotsuki stamp by IgunenkoPoniko Stamp by Vix847Monoko and Monoe Stamp by Vix847Urotsuki Stamp by DesghostlerSabitsuki by WrolinUsotsuki Stamp by Eckilsax


In English class, we had to do this "about me" thing where we were paired into groups of two and "interview" each other. We asked the usual questions like where we live, any siblings, pets, etc. However, there was this one question that asked if we could rid the world of one evil, what would it be. While other people said stuff like racism, envy, famine, or violence, my partner had to say out loud in front of the whole class that I wanted to rid the world of Justin Bieber.

I got a few good laughs from them. Felt sorry for my partner having to say it though.
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United States
Hello. As you can see, I am ChibiEvilCupcake. I am a supporter for hetero, yaoi, AND yuri. I like anime and cartoons. I write fanfiction, but mostly Dick Figures fanfiction. You can find my fanfics on the Dick Figures Fanon Wiki. I go by the username CookieEyes. :D

Friends: :iconservicedroneneenee::iconroxy1049::iconnatsureikuni::iconzhu-yintai::iconmie078::iconskittles-z0mbie::iconnekopikmin::iconpian-no::iconfluffydragonpuppy::iconalpha-lonewolf::iconblack-bolt-ponies:

Pairings from anime/games/shows I support:
:bulletred: Dick Figures: Red/Stacy, Blue/Pink, Blue/Lord Tourettes, Stacy/Pink, Red/Broseph, Gerald Butler/Earl Grey
:bulletorange: Animaniacs: Pesto/Squit, Bobby/Lana, Yakko/Minerva Mink, Skippy Squirrel/Dot, Rita/Runt, Pesto/Kiki, Squit/Sasha
:bulletyellow: Vocaloid: Tei/Kiku, Luka/Gumi, Gakupo/Gumi, Piko/Miki, Kaito/Meiko, Kaito/Miku, CUL/Gumi, SeeU/Miku, Rin/Gumi, Miku/Gumi, Len/Tei, Taito/Kiku, Lin/Rui, Lin/Rin, Len/Neru, Oliver/Luka, Len/Gumi, Piko/Iroha, Iroha/Miki
:bulletgreen: Yume Nikki + fangames: Madotsuki/Poniko/Monoe, Smile/Sabitsuki (.flow), Aoshiru/Urotsuki/Sweets Musume (Yume 2kki), Shinjitsuki/Usotsuki (Yume Nisshi)
:bulletblue: My Little Pony: JuneRose, Flutterdash, LyraBon, Sparity, ApplePie, CheeriMac, SnipsSnails, DoctorDerpy, Spilight, ScootaBloomBelle
:bulletpurple: Homestuck: KarNep, EqGam, EriFef, JohnVris, SolAra, Kankri/Meulin, GamTav, GamKar, Jake/Jane, Dave/Jade, John/Rose, Dirk/Roxy, Roxy/Jane, Rose/Jade, KarTer

Note: For the yaoi and yuri pairings I support, I understand clearly that most characters from shows or games are OBVIOUSLY heterosexual. I also know that the yaoi and yuri pairings I support will NEVER be official, but I love them anyway. :)

Some stamps that describe me a little. :meow:
Libra Stamp [Western] by MusicIsAnAddiction:thumb301150597:stamp-cat by Kendage.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI'm Okay With Sucky English by KotegoI Love Cartoonime Stamp by nurmuzdalifahSocks by RuemePanic by Knight1313Stamp by Kataang-furubaI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI Love Green by TheDesiraI Love Blue by TheDesiraI Love Pink by TheDesiraI Love Purple by TheDesiraI Love Red by TheDesiraI love Black Cats by WishmasterAlchemistI love Cats by WishmasterAlchemistI love Raccoons by WishmasterAlchemistPugz R Awesome by BearMaster9013Gay isn't an insult by GuinnygirlMy First Pet Was Torchic by NateFoxMS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishyBi-Curious Stamp. by KleeAStrangeThe Early Stamp by BusirisMeat lover by prosaixSweet tooth by prosaixPublic farting by prosaixI Support Gay Rights... by RS-KyraDeviation In Storage Stamp by Ra1nDanc3rCan't reply to them all... by Speckelpelt

Now for some other random facts. ^^;
:bulletred: I'm trying to improve my drawings on the computer.
:bulletorange: I am a Pegasister, but I'm okay with people who don't like MLP.
:bulletyellow: I love RPG Games so much.
:bulletgreen: I support many weird pairings. :|
:bulletblue: One thing I like to do during the summer is stay up late.
:bulletpurple: I made these two plz accounts ---> :icondfstacyplz::icondfbrosephplz:
:bulletpink: I think hating a fictional character because he/she gets in the way of their favorite pairing is VERY stupid. :|

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